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I had a saying…

when I was an English teacher. One of my monitors said after a class, “You’re really quite strict with the children, aren’t you?”

“Yep. As far as these kids are concerned, I’m Kaiser effin’ Wilhelm, and they love me for it.” As if to prove my words, at that moment, the next wave of kids came tumbling in the door, and even the kids who weren’t my students ran to me, squealing, “Teacher! Teacher Sam! Hello Teacher!”

Every time I make Kaiser rolls, I think of that.

Now if only I could get the rolls to OBEY and LOVE me as well as my former students did.

P.S. Confidential to the person searching for “pie crust recipes using butter”: you don’t want to go with just butter. You can for a quiche, but really shouldn’t for a tart or pie, since it’ll be too soft and soggy, you do need the extra bit of shortening to make a strong, flaky crust. However, if you insist, this one should do.


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