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Upon further consideration, I’ve removed shortbread from the “I Hate Baking Cookies” list.

I like shortbread.

These were inspired by K. Last night I was looking at this recipe, which is waiting to go in the oven right now, and when I asked if she had any herbes de provence K was thrown back into a memory of some lovely lavender shortbread she used to get at a tea shop in Seattle. Wow, that’s a long sentence. Anyway, since she’s had a hard go of it on and off the past few weeks, I thought I’d make a surprise for her while she was out and about.

Turns out that Merz Apothecary has all sorts of dried herbs, including this large cardboard bin of lavender. So I was able to make my own herbes de provence as well. This also allowed me to do some more community building, as the guy working there said that the rule was I had to bring some of the shortbread back after it was made. Now I’ve got a whole new shop of taste testers, judging from their reaction when I brought them the finished product — they were very surprised that I actually did bring them some. Well they did say it was a rule right? Since they also have a shitload of tea, someone went off to make a pot of tea right away to have with the shortbread.

Oh did I mention that yesterday I went back to the wineshop with some scones and through some very persistent nagging briberynegotiation with said scones have now established that they will be serving my bread at every Saturday’s wine tasting? Yes. I did. And once I get a good baguette formula going, I will also be providing fresh baguettes for them, paid (unlike bread for the wine tastings, that’s just to get my name out there), to sell on Fridays and Saturdays.


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