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Apple and Pear Cakes

At the farmers’ market this week, my favorite orchard had some lovely golden russet apples. I’d never seen them before, so I quickly nab a bunch of them for an apple cake. I also have a few pears remaining from Cynthia’s mother’s pear tree which are so ready to go.

The russets have a tough and slightly fuzzy skin, which translates to a powdery taste when eaten with the skin on. They’re a bit tart, a little like a granny smith, but with a sweeter aftertaste.

Sadly, I’ve no one here today to perform the sacred duty of licking the bowl and spatula clean.

Apple Cake Ready

And 40 minutes later, they’re out of the oven and resting before they get flipped out of their pans. These are double flip cakes: out of the pan to a plate, then to another plate so they’re right side up again.


You can just put those pear pieces back in, like a puzzle, as it’s going to be the bottom of the cake anyway.

However, sometimes no matter how much you’ve buttered the pan, your cake will stubbornly insist on clinging tightly to it. And then you have to perform some careful reconstructive surgery. Which is what happened with the apple version of today’s cake.

Slightly damaged cake still tastes delicious.


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And yes, of course I’ve had a taste already, and it’s fantastic. Thanks, Clotilde!

(This makes up for my slightly less than brilliant execution of her chocolate caramel tart a few days ago.)

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