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Giftmas Crostata

We hosted a small Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. One of my friend brought her very own home made cranberry sauce. And quite a lot of it too.

It’s a delicious, spicy, citrus-y cran relish really and my mind immediately went to what else I could do with a surfeit of the stuff.

Well, make a cranberry and pear crostata for Giftmas, of course.

Kate’s Crostata, now in permanent rotation on the baking menu.

Since this is the season of giving, all y’all might have some Giftmas money burning a hole in your pockets, might I ask you to consider making a donation to Scarleteen? They’re halfway to their goal in fundraising, and it really is a damned shame that the best sexuality education site on the whole of the interwebthingynet has to struggle to make ends meet, and is run nearly single-handedly (thank goodness for well-trained volunteers) by a woman who is the most passionately dedicated person I have ever met.

So please, hit that donate button and give a little to an invaluable resource.

Consider yourselves nagged.


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