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Leftover Stuffing

Yesterday I got an email from Saveur magazine about things to do with Thanksgiving leftovers. I had a bunch of leftover stuffing, since The Baker doesn’t eat it, so the recipe for Leftover Stuffing Frittata caught my eye. What a great idea! Something bready topped with eggs and cheese, baked until puffy and melty! I decided to try it.

I am not a strict follower of recipes, especially when I don’t have all the ingredients in the house, so mine wasn’t exactly like the one in the recipe. I put sausage in my stuffing and didn’t feel like dealing with picking and chopping the leftover turkey I have (which I prefer in sandwiches anyway), so I left that out. I used a casserole dish instead of a nonstick skillet, and I only used one kind of cheese (cheddar).

I put the stuffing in the casserole dish and pressed it down, grated cheddar cheese over the top until it was covered, and poured over it four eggs I’d beaten with salt, pepper, and dry mustard.  And then I popped it in the oven at 350 F for about half an hour. When the cheese was all melted and the egg was puffing up over the stuffing, I took it out.

I was hoping the egg would cover the stuffing and cheese, but instead it went right through everything. Apparently this is supposed to happen, and it turned out that it moistened the stuffing more and held it all together, so it worked. It would have been better with a bit more egg though. The recipe calls for eight eggs, but I used a fairly small casserole dish and four eggs. You’re supposed to wait until it cools, but I was hungry and it looked good so I dug in. And it was tasty! It held together better once it was cool, and I have leftovers to eat for breakfast today.

The leftover stuffing usually gets tossed, once the turkey and potatoes run out and there’s nothing to eat it with. So I’m happy to find a way to use it up that’s so easy.

Saveur’s website has 25 ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, in case you’re looking for ways to use up something besides stuffing.


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More Stale Bread

The day after Thanksgiving in the US is possibly a bit late to be reminding people that stale bread makes great stuffing, but I’m here to do it anyway. My responsibilities for Thanksgiving dinner here were gravy and stuffing. I didn’t buy boxes of stuffing mix this year, I just took all the old ends of loaves in the house over the last couple of weeks and cut them up. I was planning to bake them on low heat to dry them out, but then I remembered that I’d be adding liquid to soften the bread up again and decided to just freeze the cut-up bread instead.

I don’t use an actual recipe for stuffing, I just kind of throw it together. Many years ago I got served apricot sausage stuffing made with chopped-up dried apricots, and it was pretty good but I thought apples would be better than the apricots were. Ever since, I’ve been making apple sausage stuffing. (more…)

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